The Team

It is nice to go out in a group and not to ride alone.
Faces of BasaburuaMTB
Chief TrailBuilder

As Archimedes said, “give me a hoe and I will move the world”. I am in a stable and healthy relationship with the paths: I give them affection and love, and they give me happiness. I don’t need any more.


My passion for enduro and nature led me to change a ball for two wheels. Welcomed in the mountains of Basaburua, I enjoy cleaning and riding every kilometer of trail.

yiyo mendoza
photographer - film maker | trailbuilder

Passionate sportsman for MTB for 21 years, lover of photography, portraits, nature, landscape and beer after an epic route in the mountains with friends.

pablo (El Sebas)
trailbuilder | beer consumption

My happiness comes from metal music, enduro riding, bush riding and drinking beer. I’m a passionate engineer so be prepared for me to give you bored things about things you don’t care about.

Explorer | TrailBuilder

I’ve been riding in the mountains for 50 years, 35 of which I’ve enjoyed riding my bike. The mountain water is the potion I need to continue searching for ancient trails and to clean them.

photographer | trailbuilder

In addition to being passionate, he is a walking library of the bike world. If he’s not on the bike, it’s quite likely you’ll see him on the other side of the camera.

Virtual TrailBuilder

A latecomer to the enduro scene, he is addicted to Slow Flow. More dexterous with the key than with the hoe, orienteering is not his thing. Don’t ask him where the trail goes he will send you to Cuenca.

trail Dog | site foreman

I am a rather wild Labrador retriever. My biggest hobbies are barking at rocks and pulling up roots. If I see a puddle, I don’t miss the opportunity to bathe in it and get muddy. I will be watching at every cant and jump to see if they are well constructed. If it’s peace you’re looking for, you’d better not be near me.